Mocha Pro 2021 Camera solve isn't pasting into After Effects correctly

Hi, ever since I’ve upgraded to Mocha Pro 2021 I can’t get a camera to import properly into After Effects. For example, I’m working on a shot where I have a camera solve of 96%, when I paste the mocha camera into my AE composition everything imports but some of the layers are in the wrong place ie behind the camera when they should be in front. It’s as if everything is there but the camera is in the wrong place

I’ve included screengrabs of the tracks from Mocha and how the camera pastes into AE, as you can see some of the tracks seems fine but the rest are in the wrong place - behind the camera

I’m using version 8.0.1

I’d say something isn’t calculating correctly in this solve. Can you double check your tracks and make sure they’re rock solid before you solve? I can see that there’s shadows on the rocks and if those shadows are moving they might be messing with your track a little bit. Turn all of the surface tools on and make sure that the surface tools look like they’re glued to the objects they’re sticking on. Try to keep your tracks either in a shadow or out of a shadow and not crossing a shadow. And you might want to put a track in the front right hand corner of your shot and see if that rock can help the solve a little bit. I see also that you have a little tiny shape tracked and I don’t know that I would use that. It’s probably not enough data to help.

Thanks Mary, all the elements in the scene track fine, none of the shadows are moving, the right hand side of frame goes out of shot pretty quick otherwise I would have tracked there like you said. It brought back a camera solve accuracy of 96%. I’ve tracked plenty of shots in the past and have had no problem, this is an example of what’s been happening on my shots since I’ve upgraded

Thank you for clarifying. Sounds buggy and we will need to do some tests on our end. Can you send the shot and files so we can run through some Quality Checks and see if we can pinpoint what’s going on? We do not share files, but they help our dev team troubleshoot.

Hi Mary, sure, is there somewhere I can upload them securely, I can’t share my clients footage on a public link, thanks

I totally get it. Can you email me at maryp at borisfx dot com?

Sure, I’ll email you now