Mocha Pro 2021 Crashing when I try to track

Hi there,

I’ve been having issues with the new mesh tracking so I turned to this forum for a solution. A suggestion was made to tweak the Mocha Pro preference settings… one of which was changing the graphics card option under ‘GPU’. After doing so, whenever I try to make track forward or backward (basic track with spline tool) mocha crashes…

So naturally I clear all cache, and revert back to the preferences that were before. Still crashes. I then completely uninstall Mocha Pro and re-install a clean version. I checked preferences were as default and tried to do a basic track again. Crashes.

I don’t know how to trouble shoot this issue as its quite specific. Any sugggestions?


Hi there,

Can you give specifics of the Mocha version, system version and host you’re using (if any?).
Can you also screengrab your Mocha GPU preferences and attach your Mocha log? You’ll find this under “View log” in the help menu.