Mocha pro 2021 [Hanging Issues]

in after effect 2020 mocha pro 2021 (program does not respond)

I need more information. What do you mean it doesn’t respond?

Hi Mary I´ve received this crash coming back to AE after saving in Mocha. =S

Hi all,

Check to make sure Mocha is not still running in the background. If you don’t see Mocha on your taskbar, check the activity monitor to see if it is still there as a process and close it.

What were you doing in Mocha at the time?

I’ve edited the title of this topic to make it clearer.

Hi Martin, I received this message after turning on the warp stabilize and second time don´t really remember, I haven´t received this issue anymore, will keep you tuned! Thx!! =)

Mocha 2021 hanging when saving project and returning to DAFusion. It’s an OFX.
Resolve 16.2.7
latest nvidia drivers.
256 gb ram
amd threadripper 3970x
Nvidia 3090 and 2080ti gpus.


One quick thing to ask/try. Are you closing the Mocha window by clicking the X window in the upper right?
Can you try clicking on the save button on the left, then waiting for the save, then closing out? Does that make a difference?

hello, when opening MOCHA PRO, the software crashes. With the pop up maochaui.exe has stopped working.
My graphics drivers are the NVIDIA 457.30.
Do you have an idea ?
thank you!

Hi @gerard.pageaud what host are you using?

Hi @martinb,
I am using version 17.5.
thank you for taking the time to answer me.


I will try that, but now the standalone 2021 that i just purchased is offsetting my masks and roto, something is wrong. I am downloading and installing the older version to see if it is not me or something…
I will save and wait for a minute then close. I need to finish this project. :frowning:

I am working in Dafusion in mocha 2021 and saving from the menu and not ctrl-s etc… and I am waiting for 30 secs or so to exit from menu and of now it seems OK. I will update if I have issues. Thanks!

That seems very slow. Curious how many layers are in the project and if you are using many layers with PowerMesh. If you have time (after you meet your deadline) it would be great to follow in the forums so our support team can try to diagnose the slow saving issue.

I disabled GPU and now I haven’t had issues. wierd… on another note, I am noticing slow movement of the node splines when I am working on a project. When I close the app and go back in it is fast again then back to slow in about 10 mins or so… this always was getting slow with gpu or not… any help would be appreciated. I am working in manual mode.

Yeah I installed a different nvidia driver and then I turned on GPU and it froze when I saved and exited to DaFusion, luckely I had a backup and restored. What do you recommend for driver version for nvidia, I have a 3090 and 2 2080ti’s thanks! I’m keeping gpu off for the meantime…

Are you using the studio or the game driver?

To echo Michael, the studio driver is generally more supportive than the game driver. As to your slowdown, is this with a wacom tablet or a mouse?

We’ve seen a couple of reports that nvidia driver 457.30 is causing some problems. We’ll need to QA it locally to be sure, but in the meantime, can you try rolling back tot he last stable driver?


I have a brand new Z4 with RTX-4000. Anything specific I can test?

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Hi David,

We just want to get confirmation that nvidia studio or game ready driver 457.30 is not causing problems when either opening the interface or tracking with Mocha GPU.