Mocha Pro 2021 LE Mode not working


I want to use and learn Mocha in Learning Mode. The problem: I can’t import any footage and nothing works. I don’t want use the trial mode because I think I want to check it out over a longer period…

What can I do?


If you’re using the standalone you need to make sure you’re using footage Mocha supports. If you’re unsure if Mocha is working correctly, try a TIFF sequence. If it works, you’re using a codec that isn’t properly installed or isn’t supported by Mocha.

You can try the plugin in LE in various hosts to work around native file support.

Please note, LE won’t export full exports and will render with a watermark. If you need it fully unlocked you will need a trial.

Try that and let me know,

thanks for your reply and your willingness to answer such a “stupid” question. because I feel a little bit stupid - hopefully I am.

I don’t find any menu or context menu where to import my video…? drag and drop is also not working. look at my short video.

Hi, you’re definitely not stupid but likely just used to another workflow. In the Mocha Pro standalone you need to create a new file and load footage from there. You may also benefit from reading our documentation here:

And watching the Getting Started in Mocha series:,product:Mocha,product:Mocha%20AE&search=getting%20started

  1. When you start the application you are presented with an empty workspace. No footage is loaded and most of the controls are consequently disabled.
  2. To begin working, you must open an existing project or start a new project. Go to File>New Project.
  3. Select the clip to import by clicking on the Choose…​ button to the right of the top line. This will bring up a file browser, where you can select almost any industry standard file formats. Image sequences will show up as individual frames. You can select any one of the frames and the application will automatically sequence the frames as a clip when importing.
  4. A project name will automatically be generated based on the filename of the imported footage, but you can change it by editing the Name field.
  5. Make sure your frame range, frame rate, and aspect ratio are correct and then click OK.

Now you’re all set to start learning Mocha. But I do highly recommend that you check out the getting started series first thing, you’ll be way better equipped to feel comfortable with Mocha if you do.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


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