Mocha Pro 2021 OFX causes Resolve 17 to freeze (Win10)

i know there are issues with Mocha and Resolve, but i wondered if anyone else had found that the moment the Mocha UI is launched from Resolve, the host program freezes. if i close the Mocha UI, then Resolve recovers. if not, crashing Resolve causes an error in Mocha, so that it has to be crashed as well.

my system is a near brand new installation of windows 10 on core i7 & GTX 1080 GPU and i am using Resolve 17 beta.


I’ve been using Mocha 2020 for almost a year in resolve without issue and the few tests I’ve done with resolve 17 and Mocha 2021 have worked just fine.

Just so I understand this in context: Are you trying to use Resolve while the Mocha Pro UI is open? Because you can’t do that. The Mocha UI dialog is modal which means you need to close it before using the host again.

hi martin,
thanks for this information, which is very helpful, since this is the first time i have used the plugin version. i did not understand the workflow, but now i do, i will try to ensure that i do as much mocha work as possible before going back to Resolve.
am i right that it is very unlikely that it will ever be possible to do some adjustments in mocha, check them in resolve with mocha still open, then carry on in mocha with more adjustments?

Not at this stage, no. We’d love to be able to work this way (it is one the reasons the Standalone version is still popular among some users), but due to the way frame requests from the host work, we can’t provide that feedback loop yet. It is very much a plug-in window even though it has the feel of the entire application.

Just be aware that we don’t technically support Resolve as a host yet purely because it is a bit slower to render in the Color page than other hosts and it has some issues on Linux. Many users go along fine with using Mocha in the Resolve Fusion page, however.

thanks. i have now managed to complete a track in Mocha OFX, and i can see the matte back in Resolve/Fusion, but even having read the section on the OFX plugin in the Mocha manual and searched through many tutorials online, i cannot figure out what to do with the matte back in Resolve/Fusion. for learning purposes i would just like to put an image on the ground, for instance. unfortunately, all the youtube tutorials seem to use AE or Nuke. i understand why, but it doesn’t help me much.
meanwhile, you have helped me make some progress, for which i am very grateful.

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