Mocha pro 2021 OFX Nuke 13v

I have installed mocha pro 2021 and it is causing issues in Nukex 13v but it works fine in 12v. However, it is throwing error in Nuke 13v and not starting it. Here is the error I get:

“ : error interpreting this plugin”

What is the procedure to uninstall it and install it only Nuke version >= 12v

Never mind. The error showed up just after installing Mocha Pro and I thought it is causing the issue. However, after closer examination another plugin caused the issue. I have disabled the plugin and now able to use Mocha Pro node in even Nuke v13. I see in documentation v13 is not in list of supported Nuke versions but still see it atleast loaded.

Correct: We don’t use for the OFX plugin as that is only for Python-based script plugins.

We mostly support Nuke 13.

Currently, the only limitation is that now Nuke has updated to Python 3, the Python libraries Nuke uses conflict with ours. This means most Python support is unavailable in Mocha.

This is probably what you’re seeing with the other third-party scripts listed in They haven’t been upgraded to Python 3 yet.

That makes sense. Thanks for the details.

What are the plans for Mocha Pro supporting Python 3.

We’re looking into the conflict between Nuke’s and Mocha’s Python 3 libraries at the moment. It’s not straightforward. Loading a library inside a plugin that is already loaded as part of the host is a systems nightmare.