Mocha Pro 2021 plugin stability issues on Mac for After Effects

Mac OSX 10.13.6/Mac Pro 6 core Xeon/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 6GB/Mocha version 8.0.1 Adobe Plugin/After Effects version 16.1.3

I’ve had multiple instances while trying to launch Mocha Pro from the plugin in window where I get a spinning beach ball that never resolves. I can force quit the program, but it never truly quits and I cannot get After Effects to re-open. In fact I can’t even shut down or restart my machine. My computer tells me I cannot shutdown until I quit After Effects, which no further amount of force quitting resolves. I have to do a hard restart.

I notice when launching the new version of Mocha, it opens a separate application in my task bar that comes and goes when I enter/leave the Mocha window. Is this new? I don’t remember this happening in previous versions. Also, I feel like it takes twice as long to load my scene into Mocha as it used to, and it’s here when I have one of these crashes where it hoses the entire machine. Is it related to launching this separate application? I upgraded my Mocha version from the prompt upon launching the plugin. As far as I know, I didn’t install anything new or different.

Hi there,

Have you tried turning off GPU processing in Mocha under file>preferences>gpu tab and seeing if that fixes the issue? We have seen some hanging where an unsupported GPU can impede startup.


I suspected that may have something to do with it. I’ve turned off the GPU setting, but it still takes as long to load the plugin, even beachballing for 5-7 seconds before the window shows up. I’ll have to report back if I get any crashes like before. Thank you.

Interestingly, as I was typing that last comment, I had just clicked away from my opened Mocha window to my web browser. When I went back to AE, the Mocha plugin window was gone and AE was beachballing. However, this time I quit the Mocha plugin application in my task bar instead of force quitting AE. That worked. That confirms behavior of a crash that happened last week. I clicked away from AE while Mocha was open, causing AE to crash. That wasn’t an issue with previous versions.

Is this still an issue for you? I want to confirm so we can look into it now that the holidays are over.

Thank you for following up. Yes, this remains a consistent issue. If I have the Mocha window open in after effects and leave the program, it will more often than not cause problems when I return to after effects. In fact, simply moving the cursor outside of the mocha window causes the beachball to appear and spin. Mocha seems to not like being left unattended.

Ok, that is unfortunately expected behavior, thank you for clarifying. Plugins can’t run at the same time you’re trying to do things in AE, only standalone Mocha Pro can run separately. This is because it’s calling back to the AE timeline to run. So you’ll have to save and close Mocha once you’re finished with it to work in AE.