Mocha pro 2021: Unable to track: Input frame from clip Input doesn't exist

This is for version 8.0.1 of the Mocha Pro 2021 plugin for AE.

I am trying to track a .r3d file that is 6k in a 4k pre-comp (my final output resolution). After one or two frames it consistently fails and displays the error “Unable to track: Input frame from clip Input doesn’t exist.” I’ve tried on an output of a 4k ProRes version. I have tried brightening the shot with a curves effect. I have denoised the shot. I have tried turning off the GPU tracking for Mocha, and flushing the cache. Nothing works.

The same tracks have worked in the standard Mocha AE plugin.

The Power Mesh, the function for which I bought the plugin, doesn’t work at all. that just ends up with a black screen and says, “unknown error.” Is there any way to get this expensive plugin to function?

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 5.07.22 PM|492x300

It seems to be a cache issue. Now Mocha keeps pulling up frames from the cache in the wrong place. I’m just doing a basic track around a shape (an eye), and as I go frame-by-frame it keeps displaying the wrong frame.

I’ve checked the video file and it is fine.

This is an issue with Mocha.

Hi Paul,

Do you experience the same issue with a non-R3D file?
“Input frame doesn’t exist” errors, usually mean Mocha is unable to get the frame from After Effects for some reason. Usually this means we’ve requested a frame from After Effects and it hasn’t supplied it.

If you can also supply the log file from Mocha’s help menu (under “view log”) this will help us determine the exact nature of the frame problem.
The PowerMesh error will be directly related to your frame reading error, so if we can solve the first, the other problem should go away.

Yes, the same issue persists with a ProRes file.

The log file is 56mb so I can’t include as an attachment. I copied and pasted from the log file the last two days into a .txt file.

It also includes a time period this afternoon of using the Mocha AE version just fine on the same footage.



imagineer log file PMyers 01-03-21.txt (7.88 MB)

Paul, can you try purging both your After Effects cache and the Mocha cache?
Can you also tell me how much disk space you have remaining on your Mocha temp directory? You can see this in the output settings in MOcha Preferences.

I have purged both the mocha pro and the ae caches.

here is a screen grab of the preferences. It says there is 1TB available.

The problem is still happening.