Mocha Pro 2021 Vegas 18 Pro - How apply tracking to another track

Hello ,

I want to change my sky
I used Mocha Pro to track the motion of the clip on the timeline.
Now I want to apply that motion track to the sky on another track below on the timeline.
How is this done ?

I saw a tutorial from after effects , there is a copy motion track button in the effect field
That button isn’t in Vegas Pro

Assuming that when you refer to the timeline you mean Vegas Pro’s timeline, then it is possible and copying the track data can easily be done within Mocha Pro.

After doing the track in Mocha Pro on the top track, go to File/Export Project… in Mocha Pro and export the project to a folder that you can select via the export process. Then on the video event on the lower video track in Vegas Pro, add Mocha Pro as an FX. In the 2nd instance of Mocha Pro, select File/Merge Project… and import the Mocha Pro project from the folder where you exported the earlier project. The 1st Mocha Pro track should then appear in the 2nd instance of Mocha Pro on VP’s timeline.

Et voila.

Thank you in advance for helping me out.

I did the export and the merge on the second background.
I see the motion move, but the background is not moving
How do I combine the background with the

motion ?

It’s been a while since I last did this, but I am fairly certain that you need to run the track process (T button forward or back) again in the 2nd Mocha Pro instance so that the original track processing is carried out for the 2nd video event. And of course, then Save.

Where I’ve done this in the past has mostly been when using Mocha within two BCC FX on the same video event - so the Mocha track is identical for both BCC FX.

Thinking more about it with your issue, running the track again in the 2nd Mocha Pro instance would likely end up with a different track result than with the first video event.

Just a thought, after merging the project into the 2nd Mocha Pro instance (and without running a new track), did you Save before exiting?

Yeah I saved , before exiting
Tried to track the second clip back and forward like you wrote
I saw my motiong track move but nog the star background

So I think I still miss something , to “lock” the 2 (motion and image) together

I’m a newbie into Mocha

Can it have something to do with the choice of motion track , essentials , classic , …

I think that we need others to assist here - the BorisFX team are very helpful but it is now the weekend.

Nonetheless, it would be very helpful if you could post a frame from the primary scene highlighting the area of the image that you want to track. It would also be really helpful if you could provide in much more detail exactly what you are aiming to achieve; for example, are you wanting to replace an area of the primary scene with a portion of the secondary scene. But I note that the track element that you have highlighted in the night sky is quite small.

What you are wanting to do may be achievable in a slightly different way.

I am pretty sure there is an alternative way :wink:
But , this is learning school
I am trying to learn using Mocha in Vegas
It isn’t a project that has a deadline

Here is a link , a small part of a city and a lady in a chair ,
I want to alter the sky and the lady in the chair in the square
I don’t want it to be beautifull , I know the greenscreen has bad lightning
I just want to learn to use the motion track in Mocha
by changing a back sky and adding something in front

Thank you for posting the images but, sorry, I just don’t know how the 3 images relate to one another. Please fully describe how you want the final image to look like. Just saying ‘alter the sky’ does not define what you are wanting to happen. I am sure that you know what you mean, but how is anybody on this forum supposed to know what you mean by ‘alter’. Please describe what you mean by alter so that others can envisage what you are meaning. And where is the lady in the chair supposed to appear in the final image? This is an unexpected extra element.

With regard to the starry sky - it turns out to be a still image (jpg). AFAIK, Mocha Pro tracks moving images - and a still image is not a moving image. It is possible to use Mocha within BCC for a still image like I described earlier on as long as the highlighted spline area is static, but I it would be good learn from other Mocha/Mocha Pro users to see if it is possible to use an imported track to apply motion to a still image.

Like I said , I am trying to learn , how it work , it doesn’t have to be beautifull
Just the motion track and masking is now important to my

Want to end with something like this ! But in motion

…and you want the sky to move in the background?

Yeah , I’m just trying , I thought maybe I need zoom in on the 4K picture (Sky) if there is not enough “bleed” left and right.

It is just a test to understand Mocha and how I can copy my camera tracking from the middle “city”
to the front and the back clips on the timeline in Vegas

Step one , I have chosen the street light for the camera motion tracking
Mocha does this perfectly

Step 2

A File export project; the motion track in Mocha
B Closed Mocha clicked safe
C Put the lady in the chair on top track in Vegas (used mask and picture in picture)
D Applied FX Mocha and opened Mocha editor
E File merch project - opened the safed motion track
F Let the track play to see if the earlier track motion moves , it does
G Clicked “T” forward to track it , also clicked T backwards to track it.
H The lady in the chair does not move to the right with the merched motion track
Also not if I clos Mocha and click safe , so back in Vegas no motion

What am I doing wrong ?

I do not know much about the Vegas compositing specifics, but it sounds to me like you want to use Mocha’s Insert module and select the sky as your insert layer.

There is no export or paste to Vegas Pro corner pin option so to marry a video or graphic to the tracking, you input the insert layer (Sky) into mocha and position as desired.

You would then either render the sky insert on top of your BG then Back in Vega duplicate the bg clip, move to top stack and key it out OR you could roto and comp on the Mocha Pro effect.

Lastly if you have Continuum, the Corner Pin Studio is another option. Hope this helps.


First of all , thank you to answer this on a saturday.
I have bought Continuum and Sapphire Render a few day ago so a newbie .
But I do filmediting as a hobby for many years , now trying to lift it all up a bit ;-).

Can’t I “marry” 2 things in Mocha ? Forget the sky in the back

I have motion tracked the city.
I have saved the motion track
I put the lady in the chair on top (top track in vegas)
I used FX Mocha and merged the motion

Can’t I combine the lady in the chair with the motion track I have from the city ?

Please look at the 2 pictures above in this post to see what I like to do

If you want to merge 2 inputs (FG and BG) in Mocha Pro you need to switch to the Classic Workspace, where you will find the Insert Module. Under layer properties there is a clip setting to either import a file from disk or channel in from the host app. I would suggest viewing one of the Mocha Pro Insert Module tutorials. Or again, the Corner Pin Studio in Continuum is also designed For this purpose. You still do the tracking inside the Mocha interface, but with Continuum workflow the FG clip and more settings is fine back in the host app get the Mocha Interface.

@rosss ;

I used the Corner Pin and tracking and masking in Mocha. And I figured it out :wink:
Everything now moves on the same “track motion”. (Sky , city and lady in the chair)
Thank you for putting me on the correct road.

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Glad you worked it out. As you become more familiar with Mocha Pro, I am sure you will find more uses like stabilization and object removal.