Mocha Pro 2022 9.0.1 - Failed to restore

Hi Gang,

Doing my usual thang with the fabulous Mocha Pro… been running into this error a few times now… so figure I should alert you.

Just standard roto… using the standard X-Spline tool… nothing fancy… after a while… moving the points begins to get sluggish… until I get the following error:

Unable to complete operation:
Failed to restore object state

I checked for this error elsewhere in the forum… and see someone else posted it back in November of 2018… and it appeared to have been solved.

For me, however… my points don’t distort… nothing changes… can even continue working, albeit in the sluggish point moving environment… so the error appears to be benign… however… I do save and exit and return… just in case.

Running under Windows 10, latest build. Alienware Area 51, with threadripper AMD’s… 64GB ram…

Let me know if you need anything else… I do have a print screen of the error.


Hi Steve,

I am going to have to loop @Martinb in on this one too. Can we see your log (just the most recent and relevant part, not the whole thing)? Also, can you tell me what happens when you clear your cache? Does the problem go away? Is this the standalone or the plugin, if the plugin, what host?