Mocha Pro 2022 - adjust module additional points not working

So I have a perspective track with 4 control points going out of screen - two corner points are out.
I add two new control points in places that don’t go out of screen, then on the frame where the initial control points are out of screen I try adjusting the track using the two additional control points. But when I try moving them the surface gets deformed in weird ways - it’s as if the the surface is still being held by the two original points that are out of screen and now the surface tries to conform to all 6 poiints at once, which is impossible without moving also the original out of screen points. So even though I can now add additional control points in places that don’t go off screen - I still need to move the original points to properly adjust the surface - then what is the point of adding the additional control points???

That does not sound like expected behavior. Can you show a screenshot of how it is warping?

Well it’s not warping, the edges are still straight but it just goes crazy, stretching or rotating. Like I said it’s perfectly logical when you realize that now all 6 points are influencing the surface, and if all 6 points positions are no longer logical on the same plane - the surface doesn’t know what to do.
But that’s the problem - if all points infuence the surface equally, than there is no point in adding new control points - I still have to move the original off screen points to align the surface properly - and if I still have to move them, what’s the point of adding new points - they aren’t helping. There should be a way of disabling the control points for any given range of frames or something.
Please Mary please make a tutorial with the track going out of screen or with corners getting obscured by something in the foreground, so that you need to add control points in order to correctly adjust not visible corners.
Also the QWE transforms don’t work in the new adjust module - we can’t move all control points at the same time :frowning:

Sounds like the surface is going behind the camera, which is why I wanted a screenshot to confirm. That might be a different issue than the new points.

We can run some tests, thank you. And I will let @martinb know about the move request.

Not sure if it’s going behind the camera – the corners are getting out of screen by 30 maybe 50 pixels tops :frowning:

It has less to do with that and more to do with angle. But I will see if I can repeat it.

Hi @kaczorefx
I saw your post here: 06 Adjusting Your Track with AdjustTrack [Mocha Essentials] - YouTube and thought I’d follow up to find out how we can help further here.

What version of Mocha Pro are you working with so I can get a better idea of where we’re at?

9.0.2 trial- I think it’s the latest one.
I go into more detailed explanation here: