Mocha Pro 2022 License error ... Learning Edition?


I’m getting this error every time I open Mocha Pro 2022 in Pr 2021?

I upgraded from Mocha Pro 2021 to 2022 … downloaded via BORIS FX App Manager and installed. I entered my user/password when “activating”, but now I get the above error every time I open Mocha and NO video loads for tracking?


Hi Rob, license errors are best sent to the support team as a case as we usually have to get private information from your account:

Ok, I tried the link you posted and completed the form and hit “Submit” and nothing happens? Just scrolls me to the top of the page? I have all the required fields completed sooo … I guess I’ll call.

Cheers, Rob.

Weird, did you check the “I am Not a Robot” box?

Hi Mary/All,

I was able to submit, not sure what was going on with that webpage … Michael got back to me very quickly and I was able to resolve. All good, happy tracking! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Rob.

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