Mocha Pro 2022 OFX in Flame 2022.2 and 2022.1

Hi guys,
I just completely cleared my Flame system and installed Flame 2022.2. After a fresh breeze during the fast start from the flame software, I wanted to reopen my Mocha Pro OFX in Batch.
Mocha seems to be having trouble loading the Luts. He cannot load the srgb.spil1d.

“All formats have been tried. ( Enable debug log for errors from all formats.) The format for the files extension gave the error:
spi1d´failed with: at line 2_ Invalid ´FromTag ( From -0.125 1.125)”

Do you have any ideas? Thank you in advance

All Best,

I am going to have to tag @martin in this one, it might be a bug.

Thank a lot!
I had to recover the system and working now back on the mocha Pro 2021. it came wirh the update.

Can you attach a copy of the file:

A fix for the issue with the missing LUTs is in the latest release builld.