Mocha Pro 22.5 plugin freezes/crashes

System Hardware: MacBook Pro 16" 2021, M1 Max 64GB, macOS Monterey 12.4
Host Application: Adobe After Effects version 22.5
Mocha Pro plugin: 22.5 Version 9.5.2 build 9.g13b278477fd3 Build Date May 26 2022

Application plug-in freezes when adjusting tracking data by moving spline data points

Troubleshooting steps undertaken with no change:

  1. Cleared cache and rendered clips in both plugin and host application.
  2. Reset license and uninstalled plugin from /Library/Application Support/Plugin-ins
  3. Uninstalled host application and reinstalled
  4. Reinstalled Mocha Pro plugin.
  5. Disabled GPU.

Currently I am “dead in the water”. I have an Intel iMac late 2017 that I originally started the project I am working on. I had issues with tracking, but not with freeze/crashes. I was told by support to disable the gpu which helped some and then told I had a “memory leak” issue.

Thank you in advance for your support.