Mocha pro 360 - remove and insert, in fusion

I’m new to mocha pro and this is probably a “dumb” question.
I can insert a clip with cornerpin, I can remove my shadow, I can’t seem to do it in one workflow. Is it necessary to render out to do this? I am new, so please bear with me.

Hi! Did you enabled rendering the “Remove” module out from the Mocha? Is “Media2” your clean plate, or you trying to insert something else?

Hi Elizabeth, (mind you this is just a training scenario so feel free to down prioritize)
-Mediain2 is just a comp, could be anything.
-I didn’t use cleanplate, but followed the instruction in the manual where I track the background.
Both of the above works fine, but my issue is, how to combine them. When I merge the mochanode and change to render remove, the “imageplane” of the comp disappear. So the question is;

  • do I remove first, create new comp etc…
  • do I copy paste a new mochanode and combine this in the nodetree.
  • am I missing something with export track etc. - I can go on :slight_smile:
    (I can’t find the combination of 360/fusion in turorials or manual, that’s why I need to ask here. If it’s better that I go through the support contact form or something else, let me know. Since this probably won’t be my last question.)

I think I got it!
Duplicated mochanode and changed to render remove on the new one and then just placed it in the flow. I would be interested in knowing if this is a pro approach for future use, or you have a better solution.
Regards Soren

I see, you’re right, 360 degree workflow might be not covered enough.

Because Mocha cannot render out 2 modules (e.g. remove & insert) simultaneously, usually one of this steps have to be done externally in the host. Or, alternatively, making a precompose and then feeding it into another instance of Mocha, but I personally find this workflow clanky a bit.

In general, cleanups should always go fist, and everything you want to comp should go on top, so your flow order is correct.

One small note, you do not need to make a copy of Mocha Node. You could just enable rendering out the Remove, and merge your insert over the “original” one.


Thank you Elizabeth, you have been a great help.
I think this is close enough for me (I tried to do what you wrote :-)) - and used the insert tool too. I will now continue my mocha journey.