Mocha Pro 360 stereo offset guidance

I am removing the nadir on several stereo 8k x 8k equirectangular clips. Some of them are static and others are moving on an RC car of sorts. I am applying the remove module, only using clean plates exclusively, and generally tracking the first frame to review the quality of the stereo offset. Sometimes the offset matches really well and other times it does not, thus creating bad stereo where the clean plate appears to be floating. When I go back and try to manually offset the non-hero view, the controls are not very intuitive and never skews exactly how I need it to.

I tried manually setting the bg/ remove for each eye but the remove didn’t end up having any stereo at all.

Are there any tips you would suggest, like a wide bg/ remove layers or as narrow as possible? Any other tips to get more accurate offset on the stereo tracks? Can I manually tell each eye what to track and have the same clean plate applied to each perspective? Maybe I need to create a clean plate for each eye?


What version of Mocha are you using? And what does the track look like for the BG for both eyes? If the track isn’t rock solid, the remove won’t be either.

A cleanplate for each eye might help, but I am more concerned with the tracks matching up.

Nevermind, I see you’re using 2020.5 from another Post. OK. Either way, I would like to know about the tracks on each eye.

Actually, I’m working on several computers and currently am operating on 2020. Does 2020.5, or even 2021, do better with 360 stereo tracking?

The floating stereo is there from frame 1.

If the stereo is floating it means the offset isn’t correct which means the track might not be correct. You might have to try feeding a cleanplate in for both eyes that match both eyes, as you had asked before. If you use cleanplates that don’t float to begin with and the remove still floats in one eye, then that would suggest a tracking issue to me. You can try using an insert test clip or logo to check both eyes first too, and adjust the track based on how they offset. Which is easier than going back and forth with cleanplates.

We tend to recommend using the latest version to account for bug fixes and more features.