Mocha Pro 4.1 - how 2 purge cache?

Sorry - did a search - could not find this. Thanks.

Maybe I should expand on this… I Am in the REMOVE module and in the “Cleanplate dropdown” there are selections still showing up that I have already deleted from the “Results” folder. I cannot get my render to see the cleanplate. I am definitely probably doing it wrong…

You will need to go to the clip tab (the far left tab in mocha) and in the lefthand dropdown menu, you will need to navigate to your cleanplates and remove them. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.

Thanks Mary.

The dropdown says “Cleanplate_” with the full clip name following it, but the actual cleanplate says “Cleanplate.467.TIFF” and there are a few of them. They do not show up in the dropdown with the frame numbers (?) It is still asking for “Cleanplate.511.TIFF” and that file is gone. How do I make it stop asking for that?

Cleanplate_ is the clip. The frame numbers, all of them, are deleted in the clip. If you want to delete individual cleanplates in a clip, that’s not an option. Delete the clip and load the correct frames. :slight_smile: But if this is for the hat shot, you don’t need to use the remove tool.

You can also go to the Edit… page of the clean plate clip in the Remove module and just delete the create frames there. If you have removed all the clean plate clips however it should not still be asking you for the frame.