Mocha Pro 5.0.1 not pasting tracking data correctly into AE

Hey guys, like an earlier post, I’ve got a good track but the data is not pasting properly into AE (CS6).

I think it may be because it’s not pasting all of the rotation data to my Null Object in AE.

I’ve attached a screen shot of my good track in Mocha and the poor result of my Null Object in AE.

Thanks in advance,


Looking at your description and images, it looks like you are pasting track data onto a 3D Null? Are you looking for a camera track or corner pin track?

To test that the tracking data is accurate, try exporting a corner pin track out of Mocha onto an AE solid layer. If that is looking proper, then your track and layers are set up fine.

If you are indeed expecting to use Mocha for 3D tracking, than you need to have at least 2 planar surfaces tracked before you do the Camera Solve in Mocha. This also requires the free “3D Track Importer” plug-in for AE.

(download link: Boris FX | Downloads)

Remember that by default Mocha is a 2.5 D tracker, so if you are only exporting transform data, the rotation is simple and not 3D rotation. If you want to put a logo on the helicopter, try the corner pin workflow.

Without knowing your experience level of Mocha, I hope some of these ideas are useful. :wink:

Thanks a bunch, Ross, yes that was helpful, and yes I am trying to place a logo on the chopper. I will give the corner pin method a shot.