Mocha Pro 5 Adobe – Pasting Premiere Shapes

OK so I’m getting used to the new workflow with the plugin version. One thing I can’t figure out though. I apply Mocha to a clip, track, make some masks to remove small blemishes. Export to Premiere Shapes. Fine up to here. In the stand-alone v4, I would paste these keyframes into an adjustment layer, but the playhead needed to be at the beginning of the sequence so everything lines up. This seems to be broken in v5 plugin as far as I can tell.

When I paste the keyframes in now, they appear very far down the timeline. I need to extend the clip way over so I can slide the keyframes over. I’ve tried the playhead in different places, played with the in and out points. Same result. Maybe I’m missing something. In fact, when I look to see where the frame start, let’s say :10 sec. into the adjustment layer, that doesn’t line up with the clip that I tracked. It will be at :03 sec. on the original clip.

I know this sounds confusing, but I’m going to re-visit this now and maybe take some screen grabs to show what I’m talking about.

OK here’s a screen grab and lables. I must correct my previous statement. The placement of the keyframes does indeed line up with the in point when you expand the clip fully.

Visuals for original post.

Not sure why insert image link isn’t working. Maybe if you just copy and paste it…

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Thank you, we will need to do some tests and make this a feature request. Pasting in data is going to behave a little differently to using the mattes as part of the plugin itself. It always assumes to be pasting in at the beginning of the shot. But as workflows change, we are trying to update pasting options.

We appreciate the detailed response! It helps us make a better tool.

Not the end of the world, just slows me down a little. Is there a way to use the Apply Matte feature in the plugin so a blur or tint only applies to the mask area, but still shows the rest of the clip? Obviously, duping the clip above the original works, but also adds another layer.

Thanks for the help.

In premiere, it needs to be a duplicated layer. But yes, that doubles the layers up.