Mocha Pro 5 compatibility with GTX980Ti and GTX1080Ti

I’m on the verge of upgrading from Mocha Pro v4 to v5 for the GPU acceleration feature.
However I don’t see either the GTX980Ti or the GTX1080Ti cards on the Supported Graphics Card List (either listed as supported or as not supported)

Could some good soul tell me if those cards will accelerate MochaPro5 reliably on Win10 platform?


Does no one really know if those cards are officially tested and supported?
Give me a hint, Imagineer folks, pardon, Boris, and take my money :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the delay, our supported graphics cards list is here: Boris FX | Supported Graphics Cards

I don’t see your card on the list so I would say it’s untested, which is inconvenient. Can you try downloading a trial? They’re totally unlocked for two weeks and you’ll be able to know for sure whether or not your card will work as expected.

If you have any more questions please feel free to let me know!


The 1080 TI should have the same chip architecture as the 1070, which I’m using with great success on CentOS6.9

Thanks, Mary.
I’m using a trial right now and things are looking good so far.
The only thing that worries me is the lack of a physical Mocha project file saved somewhere.
In case the AE project goes awry I still have my Mocha tracking work intact in v.4
Guess its a question of shifting one’s mindset :slight_smile:


Thanks - both the 1070 and 1080Ti share the same Pascal architecture so they should perfom well. The 980Ti, however, which I use at home is an older Maxwell card which is not officially supported in AfterEffects (although it does work) and I need to make sure that it plays well with Mocha v5 on Windows 10 explicitly before I shell out my freelance cash for the upgrade.

If it’s currently working on your machine as a trial, it’s working. If your GPU wasn’t compatible you wouldn’t be able to track forward using mocha with GPU tracking on. We keep trying to test more cards as we go, but it sounds like you’re all set.

For the mocha file, if you want to save it to a physical location to back it up, and I absolutely encourage you to do so, go to mocha>file>export and save the .mocha file to a location of your choice.


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Hi Mary, i recently installed mocha pro 2019 on windows 10 and it says that gpu processing is not supported with yellow font . . . what can i do ? i have gtx1050ti, on other system with windows 8 and same card it’s working perfectly, thanks.

We have a point release coming out very soon (hopefully this week) to fix an issue where NVIDIA card shows up unsupported. In the meantime, if you roll back your NVIDIA driver, it will work.