Mocha Pro 5 person removal probs w paranormal spoof

New Mocha Pro 5 user here w/AE. I have a shot that’s locked down- so it should be easier with no camera movement - and I have a person walking up to a bed from the left and slowly pulling the blankets off people sleeping in bed. I’m attempting to make him invisible so it looks like paranormal activity and the blankets are moving on their own supernaturally. The problem I’m having is that when he grabs the blanket with his left hand it obscures some of the blanket where he’s grabbing it. Also toward the end of the shot his right hand comes across the stretched blanket as it’s being pulled off and out of frame to the left. I’m not sure how to replace the blanket realistically where his hand and arm are obscuring the blanket. I’ve been watching some of your vids on cleanplates and am wondering if that might be the way to a solution. I appreciate any help. Thank you.

If something visually as complex as a bedsheet is even moving, you are out of luck.
I’m afraid you’ll need to reshoot with better positions or some tricks, like a stick or thread that you can remove.

If it’s only in small places on the sheet, you will want to use the Insert module and make patches instead of using the remove tool. The closest tutorial I have is this one: Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module

You may have to do some by hand rotopaint touchups.

You will want to use the mesh warp tool in the insert module to match the cloth.