Mocha pro 5 - plugin for adobe ( Tracking terminated prematurely )


I am using Mocha pro 5 as plugin on adobe ( with after effect and premiere )

Once I start tracking any object it works find , but after awhile on the same object and in every objects it shows this two errors at the same time:

error1: Tracking terminated prematurely error2: One or more selection were not tracked properly


The following is a link of the problem in one of my clips

NOTE: I did tracking in clear objects better than the one in the image

( link of an image of the problem )!AoNzAxzHVwglvEdvBcRPWoyCUsNd

I am looking for help because I cannot find in way to fix it

Best Regards

We already picked this up in your support case, but for other readers, I will put the response.

This is because mocha is reading off your AE timeline and AE has run out of memory. Simply save and close mocha and open it again, that will reset the memory usage and fix the problem for you. We are currently working on a solution for this problem, but for now that’s a workaround that will get you up and running.

If you still have trouble, it may mean you need to allocate more memory to After Effects and mocha in your AE preferences and your mocha preferences, and shut down any other programs you’re running in tandem, like internet browsers, etc. You want as much memory as possible available to you so you don’t have to save and close a lot. Try also clearing your AE cache between projects.


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This still seems to be a bug in Mocha VR 5.6.0.

How then do you complete a track if every time you track forward it errors and you have to restart Mocha. By My estimate I’d need over a TB of Memory to make it through the entie 1600 frames.

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Oct. 2020. More than 2 years later and this hasn’t been fixed???

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It doesn’t work doing so. March 2021, and this hasn’t been fixed??? :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

So no, this bug has been fixed. If your tracking is stopping it may be due to another error.


The bug has not been fixed. I still get it on my tracks. Regardless of the how the track is lighted, position of the adjusted track, etc. It always says the track is too dark or not similar… its getting quite frustrating with this deadline over my head.

This isn’t a bug though, if it says it can’t track its likely due to the information being fed to the track. OR try turning your percent of pixels to match down and it will be satisfied with a lower “accuracy” to the original texture and might stop throwing that error. If you are unsure you can send me the clip AND your mocha file and I will take a look. You can send that to maryp at :slight_smile:

After some fiddling around, I see that you’re right. Thank you the issue was cache build up.