Mocha Pro 6.0.2 allows to copy/export layer shape data for all but "premiere pro"

Using it inside Premiere 13.0.3 build 9, it is offered and the option exists but copy produces nothing in the clipboard, save option is greyed out, it does copy shape data for AE and all others however. Is this a bug?


Yes, this is a problem on the Premiere side that was introduced in Premiere Pro 12.1.2.
Adobe is aware of the issue are looking into a fix. Sadly there is nothing we can do on our side until Adobe handles the clipboard issue.

Since you are using the plugin, the workaround you have is to use is the “Apply Matte” rendering option in the plugin interface. This is slower but will give you the same result.

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Thank you dear martinb, appreciate your support! I will give this a shot

The data copied to the clipboard is not text - which is why you cannot paste it in to a text file. It’s a custom binary format that is proprietary to Adobe.
It’s for this reason that it cannot be saved to a file either.
The data is there in the clipboard. The problem is firmly on Premiere’s side as Premiere no longer allows it to be pasted.

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A couple of weeks later I’m experiencing the same problem with Premiere 13.1.2. No news from Adobe side ?

Unfortunately, not. Let me confirm with @martinb

The pasted Mocha masks to Adobe Premiere Pro via clipboard issue is still broken. We have been waiting for Adobe to fix. (The Adobe bug number to reference is DVAPR-4209398)

Sorry to say that on this specific issue our hands are tied, so we can suggest that you raise the issue with Adobe support. In the meantime, the way to use Mocha Pro masks in Premiere is to use the “Apply Matte” button in the plug-in OR inside Mocha Pro, you can render the mattes externally,

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Thanks for your explanation.
I have tried with “Apply matte” option but it’s a pain for rendering time even on a powerful workstation (Core i9 9980XE, dual RTX 2080Ti). On a 4K monoscopic VR with only two layer (one background, one layer with one matte), it takes 20 minutes for only 1400 frames and I need to add other layers.)