Mocha Pro 6.0.2 Some Inserts jumping in Premiere Timeline, others not [Windows]

Premiere Pro 13.0.3 Build 9. Some of my clips have inserts and they are working marvellously; I followed the exact same steps in another clip in the same project, the insert tracking data lines up perfectly in Mocha Pro with zero shaking but as soon as I hit the timeline, its jumping all around and ruins the shot.

Have you applied any other effects to the clips? Like speed and retiming effects?


I created a new project, reimported the videos and am finding success there, will render or copy the final to the other project; copying the working one to the original timeline works just fine

strangely although the time has not been modified, and is lined up exactly, both sequence frame rates exactly the same, when i copy the new clip above the old, the first frame at the beginning lines up perfectly, but there is one extra frame at the end of the scene that overlaps the old one, it throws it off if I remove it… suggesting the PREMIERE timeline of the original clip is miscalculated or erronous, there is no stretch or other effect. this explains why it works inside mocha, but not outside.

i did time stretch parts of the clip much earlier on in the sequence, so maybe something got thrown off later in the timeline. but here there is no time stretch or anything like that in the current location.

now all the more strangely, when i copy and replace the new clip over top of the old one (not just above it in the timeline), its jumping all around inside mocha, the same as the original was on the timeline. though on the timeline its working just fine. thankfully all i have to do is adjust the insert size, and no tracking so this is not a big problem.

OK, thank you for letting us know. I am glad you are all sorted out, but we should explore this. I will loop @martinb in so he can work with QA. We have been seeing a couple of interesting challenges in Premiere we need to explore. They might be related.


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Welcome dear mary, if you need anything just ask.