Mocha Pro 6K R3D support?

Just tried importing some 6K r3d footage and I’m getting this error:

49 AM

Anyone know of a workaround that doesn’t involve transcoding? Am I missing something, or does Mocha Pro not support r3ds at this resolution?


I’m not sure if this could really work, but just give it a try by copying the file to a local hard drive. Plus try to save it in a directory closer to the root directory as I believe there might be a chance where it can have a character length limit for the file location address.

Tried your suggestion, no success unfortunately.

Thanks though.

It may not be the resolution, it may be the codec version.
We currently only support up to the original Dragon specification, not the latest formats.

We will be updating the R3D format in a later release.

That sounds like the issue, thanks for the clarification!