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Hi there!
I’m having a problem using the adjsust track module. I was always under the impression that once I’ve set my reference frame, I could manually grab a corner of the surface tool and adjust the track; and every time I modified a point, it would set a new keyframe. However, that is not the case for me. I have to cycle through points using the “Select” buttons. This is the only way I can get a new keyframe. Is this correct? Am I doing something wrong? I feel like I’m spending a lot of time cycling through points here.
I’ve included a screen grab incase the I’m not being clear.
I’m using Mocha Pro Plugin 2022 9.0.1 OSX Big Sur 11.2.2

Once you initially set points, and select points on any new frame, it should auto keyframe for you on all keys after every move and you should not have to cycle manually through any corner points again. Are you not finding this to be the case? As in, are keyframes not generating?

If not, what type of keyframing do you have selected? Make sure autokey on the right hand side of the timeline is on and not uberkey.

Hi Mary,
I am unable to generate keyframes after initially setting points. I’ve triple checked to make sure autokey is on. As it’s an OFX plugin, I’m experiencing the same issues using it in both AE and Flame.
Perhaps I’m missing a step?
Here’s how I’ve approached the adjust:

  1. Select Perspective
  2. Set Points
  3. Go to the frame where drift occurs. Manually grab a point to reposition, and no keyframe is set.
    I get the expected behavior if I cycle through the points using the select buttons or the keyboard hotkeys.

That sounds like a bug and we are going to have to test it, thank you. I will let @martinb know.

@ssweik_0306 are you moving the points or the surface corners? What happens if you try to adjust by turning the surface off?

Also, did you set the reference frame after positioning your points on the initial frame?

@martinb Both, with no success. I’ve made sure to set a reference frame as well. I’ve also tried turning the surface off to no avail. Can I send you a link to a screen capture I did, showing my process?

Same here, if I turn the spline off (show layer outlines) the planer track doesn’t create keyframes but it does if it’s showing,
Youtube video of Mocha Pro screenshot
Mocha adjust track

The bug as I see it is you can not manually grab the AdjustTrack points if the Layer Outlines are hidden.
If the Layer Outlines are visible, you can manually grab the points w/out using the Select > button and it will properly add keyframes.

Another confusing aspect is if adjust point is directly on top of the surface corner, you can accidently move the surface instead of the adjust point. The workaround to adjust points without having to use the select button is to keep the Layer Outlines visible but hide the surface overlay (Alt 6).

Hope this helps.

Yes, “Show layer outlines” is a known bug that is being addressed in the next update which should be out soon. Sorry, I couldn’t see your view controls so I wasn’t aware you’d turned them off.

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@martinb @rosss Thanks for clearing this up!!