Mocha pro adobe plugin license problem


I’ve just purchased the Mocha pro for adobe in a monthly subscription. I downloaded the plugin however in AE it says that Mocha is on LE mode and if I have a license I need to activate it. So I put the license key however it won’t accept it. Pretty sure I downloaded the right file from the site.

Can anyone tell me why it won’t work?


Where are you putting the license key information in? Currently we are working to fix a licensing bug where licensing inconsistently registers. Let me know what your steps are and I will give you a workaround?


Hi Mary,

In AE, working on my project, I open MOCHA pro and it shows a window of an unlicensed Mocha pro. It’s weired because I didn’t have the option of Mocha pro open to me prior to purchasing and downloading it from your website. I click on the “ACTIVATE” button and pick the “Activate your license” option. And after entering the activation key I received in my e-mail, it says “the license is for a different host product. Can not install here.”

Again, to make it clear, I purchased the subscription to MOCHA pro 2021 plugin for adobe and it clearly says in my invoice “MOCHA pro (Adobe) monthly subscription”

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your response.


Hi Mary,

Let’s try activating Mocha Pro through the After Effects interface by doing the following:

  • Apply “Mocha Pro” to your project in After Effects.
  • Locate the “License…” button in the Adobe effect editor for Mocha.
  • Press that button to begin the licensing process.
  • Choose the option to “Activate your license now…” from the Boris FX License Tool.
  • Fill in your activation key and click “Continue” to complete the process.
  • Restart Mocha Pro/After Effects.
  • Test.

Please let us know how everything works out!

Best Regards,


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Thank you. It worked.