Mocha Pro AE 2021 (and previous build) not creating proper tracking data from Effect Controls Panel

Mocha Pro isn’t creating tracking data properly in AE from the Effect Controls Panel.

I have footage that includes several layers of splines built in Mocha. I need mattes for all of the splines, and those build fine, but I only need tracking data from two. There is a banana leaf in the foreground that I’ve tracked, and a tree in the background that I’ve tracked.

When I select Create Track Data…, put the Cog next to the BG Tree spline/layer, choose the layer I want to export it to (as transform data), when I hit Apply Export, it pastes on the tracking data from some other seemingly randomly chosen layer. Not the one I put the cog next to. My workaround is that I copy the data to my clipboard from within Mocha, but that’s not a workflow I’m accustomed to and it’s just slowing me down hopping in and out of Mocha so much. Is this a known issue?

I do not believe this is a known issue “create tracking” inside Mocha Pro 2021 (in AE) is working for me. If copy/paste is working but not the Create command, can you try something…
First, make a duplicate of your comp to test. Open up your Mocha project, delete all the layers except your desired track layer, then go back to AE and use the “Create Track” button. Does that solve? Do you have trimmed layers in your AE comp?