Mocha Pro AE Autosave Persistant


I am getting absolutely F’ed by the way Mocha Pro AE’s autosave works, and I’d like to know if I have a setting wrong to fix this.

I’m working on long shots with a lot of complex tracking, and getting crashes both during autosave and exiting Mocha. If After Effects hangs after exit, I lose a ton of work.

I had been saving in Mocha, all along, and then AE crashed upon exit. I went back to see if there was an autosave file in Mocha, but that directory is empty. Is there a way to keep from flushing that folder when Mocha AE closes?

I am so depressed about the amount of work I just lost.

Oh my god. They’re just named .tmp in the autosave folder. It’s there! I didn’t lose it!

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First of all, I am very glad you did not lose your work. That’s absolutely frustrating when that happens.

Second of all, I’d love to figure out why you keep crashing. Can you send us your Mocha Log?

Thirdly, if you are working for a long time and afraid to save, can you try exporting your Mocha project every hour or so out of Mocha AE in sequence? That might save some pain, though it is essentially a manual “autosave.”

Let’s get to the bottom of this crashing problem!