Mocha Pro AE Insert Module Content Won't Change

I’m using Mocha Pro 2020.5 in AE 2020 on Mac OS 10.15.4 and I used the plugin interface to specify a layer to be used in the insert module. That worked fine, however now if I change that layer (or even delete it completely from After Effects) or set the insert to none or to any other layer, the original incarnation of the inserted layer never changes or goes away. I’ve tried purging the AE cache/memory and the Mocha cache/renders. I’ve completely quit out of After Effects and started it up again. No matter what I do I can only have this old version of a layer shown in the insert module.

I went through the manual to make sure I wasn’t doing anything stupid. Nothing stood out to me. I verified that nothing was being set inside the Mocha Pro GUI to be inserted. The original inserted layer that won’t go away does show up in the Mocha GUI as well unless I select the Clip tab. Then I see the original tracked footage with nothing inserted. I can’t figure out how it’s even able to retain this information. If I uncheck render in the plugin then it goes away, but comes back if I turn it back on. The same is true of if I change the module to one of the non-insert ones.

Hi Wafflelad, can you show us a screen grab of the mocha interface with the layer selected?

I figured it out. I had an image inserted in a different track that I wasn’t aware of.