Mocha Pro AE Plugin 2022 9.0.1 - Remove Module Render Issue

I’m having issues with the remove module using the latest version of Mocha Pro. The remove module isn’t rendering clean plates correctly in the Mocha Pro GUI within AE using the latest version v2022 9.0.1. After Effects is also running the latest version.

Following the standard workflow for using clean plates within the remove module, when rendering a frame the clean plate does not appear.

However it does appear correctly when back in AE after closing the Mocha GUI and setting the Mocha Pro Module Render to Remove. The clean plate is present as I’d expect to see it in Mocha.

It’s not something I’ve seen before, which makes me think it may be version related but possible it’s something else? Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks, Shaun

Hi Shaun,

Can you please take a screenshot of the entire Remove interface? You can blur the image you are working on, but I need to see your settings. I think you might be viewing the wrong render in the viewport.


Hi Mary,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve attached a screen grab to show the remove module window. Since my initial message, I’ve opened the project on another machine here running the same version of AE and Mocha Pro and the remove module is working correctly.

So I’m not sure whether it’s a simple case of attempting an un-install/ re-install of Mocha or whether you think there could be something else going on?


Hi Mary- un-installing and re-installing the software didn’t make any difference.


What are your GPU settings and what is your GPU? This might be a draw issue.

HI Mary, here’s a screengrab of the GPU settings, it’s using a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

I’ve reset pref’s, changed the cache drive location and trashed alll cache files and the problem is still present?

Can you turn GPU processing off OR deliberately use the dropdown to select the exact GPU and not the “automatic” option. Sometimes the “auto” option picks the exact wrong one to use.

Try that and let me know?

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your help with this issue. It has now been resolved, I needed to specify a particular GPU for the remove module to begin rendering again within the Mocha Pro GUI. Selecting the alternative GPU or leaving it set to Automatic didn’t work.

It’s odd how this hasn’t been a problem in the past and leaving the preference set to Automatic always worked but now it doesn’t?

If you updated, sometimes it switches back to default. Maybe it was set to automatic to begin with, or maybe drivers behaved differently. Glad that sorted the issue out!