Mocha pro AE shape export doesn't align when imported in nuke

Hi, my Mocha pro-AE exports shapes and tracking data to Nuke but is not aligning the mask shapes correctly. Is offset by a little.
Is there a proper way to do it so it aligns. I exported, copied, and pasted is just not aligning as expected.
Please advise.
Thank you.

Is the AE frame offset and the Nuke frame offset the same?

Hey, thanks, Yeah the offset is the same, they line up in animation but not in positioning. See the track in MochaAE is the eyes and is good but when I paste or import in Nuke the mask lands on the eyelash, not the eyeball. When is done in AE is OK.
Also when I pasted it in Nuke I had to slide to the number where the shot starts but that’s ok I did that in the dope sheet. Is just where the mask lands. It was ok a couple of times I did a month ago but I did the upgrade in Mocha so I was wondering if it was a known issue.

Are you able to share a screen grab of the problem?
Are the frame rates the same? Is there any timing set in the AE comp?

Thanks Martin here are the snaps with the preferences too. Thank you.

Any answer for this please.

Sorry, we are in the middle of a software release. @martinb will get back to you when he is available. I think there may be an offset happening here. The frame numbers should be lining up, but I see your Nuke comp starts at 1001 and not 1, but even so, it should be reading from the timeline and we need to figure out where the discrepancy is.

Thank you Mary, I actually just figure it out after digging and reviewing other shots.
Thank you.
The only thing now is that I’m getting a notice that I gotta pay for the new upgrade you guys just roll out. :cry:

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Your Nuke offset is different from the Mocha offset, but it appears like it possible may only be out by one frame The frame offset here is 1001 but the frames in Mocha start at zero, so it might be worth nudhing them a frame to check.

EDIT: Ah I see you worked it out. What was the issue for clarity?