Mocha Pro AE (win) 2019 going to CPU Fallback

Trying to figure out why it’s jumping to CPU fallback on some easy screen tracks. Plates are 4K prores 4444. If I clear AE cache, clear mocha global cache or restart the machine, it will go back to GPU tracking. Otherwise it does CPU fallback, which is much slower. No idea why.

Do you have any other effects in the comp? Have you updated your NVIDIA drivers recently?

Hi Ross, no other effects, no precomps, nvidia drivers are the nvidia Creator-Ready Drivers which have been rock-solid in all other apps. System has 1080ti’s. Running in AE CC 2018

Saw the same thing over the weekend. I did a NVIDIA creator driver upgrade last week on dual Titan Pascal X cards, Windows system, host app of AE 2019. Noticed CPU being used for some test tracks and frame renders. Had repeatable MPro crashes when rendering after trying to tweak GPU settings in the prefs. Tried all combos and this was the only one that didn’t crash: Skip Automatic GPU and selected second Titan in stack, turn off Unknown. Got it to render and revert back to GPU.

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Thanks Steve. Possibly related, not sure - every other time I jump into mocha it crashes AE when loading the shot. I’m on the latest 6.0.3 mocha pro

Actually suddenly the crashes are way more common - can’t even open the mocha pro plugin instance for this comp. Very strange. And inconvenient right now…

If you apply a new instance of Mocha Pro to a new clip, then launch and check the Mocha prefs at:
File>Prefs>GPU and make sure that your Titan card is selected.

Are you running 6.0.3? Maybe @martinb has some thoughts on this?

I do recommend selecting the card. One thing that may be happening is the system is trying to fall back to a different GPU and having issues.

If you can post your imagineer.log from the help menu (or pm it to us if you don’t want to share that info publicly) it might give us some further insight as to the crashes.

Crashing while LOADING the GUI, however, is not common at all. If you can get us the crash logs for that in a support case we can take a look:

I’m not entirely clear on the setting for Texture Memory. I set this high (2GB) to see if it improved render times. Can’t tell yet if that has been a problem or helper as I just noticed my first remove render frame in Mocha Pro after making the choice has reverted back to CPU.

edit: After a system restart and a reduction of Texture Memory to 1GB, GPU is back in action.

edit 2: after a number of successful GPU clean plate remove renders, MPro reverted back to CPU. After the current CPU render concludes, I’ll check GPU settings, then save project and restart.

edit 3: after restart, GPU back up and running for remove render plates

edit 4: seems to do about 6-10 GPU renders before reverting back to CPU. Right before reverting, the GPU render was at 98% on the progress bar, it appeared to hang, then a fresh CPU render started up on the same frame. Cache issue?

I’m consistently loosing GPU during render.

Current project has 1900 4K frames with a rover remove. Am rendering out a QuickTime movie in the AE render queue, not ME. Rendering progress was about 550 frames in with projected total render time of 4:45, and then GPU quit and now it’s estimating 5 hours 10 minutes to render, with 1 hour 45 already elapsed. Was tracking CPU/GPU with Task Manager and saw a nice balance of GPU memory, CPU and system RAM prior. Now GPU memory is nill, with CPU pegged.

At this point it’s hard to even tell if the render is going to succeed, as the est. time remaining has actual gone up to 5:29 since I started typing this message. Was hoping to hand off files this later afternoon for 3D camera solve tracking and CG comping, but it isn’t looking good.

Looks like I need to restart my system. Wish I’d been rendering to an image sequence rather than ProRes 422.

Solution seems to be rendering out TIFF sequences, and breaking my shots into smaller renderable chunks (frames 0000-0500, 0501-1000, etc.) Once I finish a chunk, restart the system to kick Mocha Pro back into GPU mode. Not ideal, but workable.

I’m going to pull one of the 2 titans in my machine to see if that might be causing some confusion in Mocha.