Mocha pro and continuum beauty studio issue

mac os x high sierra last build
latest continuum and mocha pro
latest adobe premiere pro cc

mac pro 5 1 96 gigs ram 12 core 3.33

when using beauty studio inside premiere pro cc for a music video when I select to open mocha tracking in beauty studio plug in it opens the wrong video clip. one I opened previously in another sequence. I am unable to open the proper video clip to track the face to apply a mask.

Is this a memory and or preferences issue? I am new to mocha so I am a bit confused.

thanks for any help.


Are you using Mocha Pro for the tracking or are you using the Mocha PixelChooser group inside the Beauty Studio filter? Could this perhaps just be a case of the wrong effect instance being selected in Premiere? I know I’ve confused myself that way in the past. Move the CTI to be over the clip that you want to work on and be sure to select/highlight that clip in the timeline. If you launch Mocha PixelChooser does it then show the right clip? If so you might just have had the previous effect instance still highlighted. If that doesn’t explain things, would you perhaps be able to share a project file or do a screencapture showing the issue? You could send them off-list to me directly: jclement at borisfx dot com or private message me through the forum itself.


thanks! I will try your suggestion tomorrow. I was launching from inside beauty studio. the pixel chooser. thanks for your reply. I will update.

ok… user error. I got it working.

my clip in premiere had the speed duration set to 50% reverse. but somehow it was playing back at 50% forward in the timeline. when I disabled the speed setting back to 100% forward it all works now.


Hadn’t thought of that possibility. Good to know the resolution for future reference - thanks!