Mocha Pro and the details adjustmet

mocha pro 2020.5 7.5.1 is the version I’m working in.
i’m trying to understand the details control.

If i draw with a magnetic tool or freehand, I get a lot of points. If i reduce the detail, the points are the exact same count. Am i missing something here?

and for the Brush tool, details are greyed out.

What am i missing here? I thought there was a way to reduce the number of points?
Ive spent three hours scouring the net trying to figure this out.


Hi Sharon,

They should reduce, if not, something is going wrong. This could be a bug we need to test with @martinb or it could be a user error situation. Is the shape selected when you reduce points?


There does appear to be a small bug here in this version

Try drawing the layer with the magnetic/freestyle tool, deselect it, then re-select it and adjust the detail. The points should then update correctly. I’ll flag this as a defect.

The Area Brush currently does not have detail adjustment.

Hi all-

“Detail” under “Layer Properties” is greyed out for me regardless of spline tool I use.

Using Mocha Continuum Ver 7.5.1, Build Date Jun 9 2020. I am trying to adjust the spline detail of an Inside Mask with Boris Continuum Primatte Studio,

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

The detail field is currently only used for the Magnetic and Freehand tools. You still have to deselect them first to change it.

This topic with its replies came up as the top hit in a search for exactly this issue I was wondering about also. I kept wondering why, when using the magnetic tool with the layer still selected, the points weren’t decreasing either…now I know how to work around it. But the issue of having to deselect the layer then re-select it to decrease points still exists as of…
Version 9.0.0 build 241.gd952c7f93381
Build Date Sep 14 2021

Yeah, we still have to get to that particular bug. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Sorry about that!