Mocha Pro attempts to track on repeated frames

Version: Mocha Pro 2022.5

Platform: Windows 11

Description: In many different projects, Mocha Pro attempts to track through repeated frames in a video where no motion occurs and the frames are identical. The track jumps on the repeat frame and causes breathing in all cases. This seems to be agnostic of the active tracking options being used. I am using the stand alone Mocha Pro. Is there some sort of setting I can set to avoid this or look for repeat frames? Is this behavior expected? Otherwise, I spend a lot of time copying the correct keyframe and pasting it over the repeat, which becomes untenable quickly.

Steps to reproduce: Take a video clip where some frames are repeated in the video and attempt to track through using any variety of tracking options activated. The track should move in between identical frames, though since these frames are the same, it should have remained still.

Expected result: The tracking remains still as there is no change between frames

Actual Result: The tracking jumps ahead on the next frame even though there is no motion. This usually corrects by the following motion frame but creates a lot of breathing.

Additional data: It would be easy enough for me to provide videos and images on this but this is probably self explanatory.

It’s a gpu issue, almost certainly. Can you try turning GPU processing off in the GPU tab in Mocha File>Preferences, and then save and close, restart Mocha and the host application if you’re using the plugin, and see if that fixes the track.

If it does, you need to either select a supported GPU or update your GPU driver and try turning Mocha GPU processing back on, and restarting the app or host. Here’s a list of supported GPUs Boris FX | Supported Graphics Cards

If it does not fix the issue, let us know and we can dig deeper.

As an interim fix, this doesn’t seem to happen either in Mocha Pro or Mocha AE when I launch the app from the effect applied to a layer in AE. It only happens when I import footage independently of AE into mocha pro standalone.

So I turned off the GPU settings and I thought that maybe fixed it but I’m realizing I’m also seeing repeat frames on import into mocha that aren’t repeated in the actual source footage. It just seems like the footage isn’t properly importing in all cases.

I have some AE comps that are at 24fps. I pre-render their content (just the original clip) to the same resolution (1920 x 1080) as best quality mov files. I open a new project directly in Mocha Pro then import the footage. The frame rate for the new project is listed as correct and when I open there are usually several frames that are repeated where they aren’t in the source footage.

It does seem like some of these “frozen” frames correct just as I scrub around the timeline soon after opening but others don’t.

Again, I don’t know if there is an easy answer for this but I am more than happy to screen capture and show what is going on. GPU Processing is turned off as I realized the card on this laptop is listed under supported.

Yes, please do a screen capture and let’s see if @martinb and I can figure out what is going on.

I’ll need to know the exact codec you’re using. A specific file would help. It’s possible if this is an MP4 or similar variant that the GStreamer IO system we use for clips isn’t handling the read correctly for that particular file.

For example, some encodings of H.264 have this issue.

If you export the file to ProRes 422 or similar, do you see the same problem?