Mocha Pro 'Bad Argument Provided' AE

Hi Guys,

Already seen a few posts with this error but none in After effects.
Trying to open Mocha pro from GUI and get the error.

I’ve cleared cache in both AE and Mocha. Still no luck.

New to Mocha. Totally in love!

Please help.


Hi Darren,

I need some more information. It’s useful to follow this template when posting problems so we can help as quickly as possible: How to ask for help in the Mocha Forums

Can you please tell us:

  1. The specific version number of Mocha and After Effects you are using. You can find this detail in the programs about boxes.
  2. The footage you are using. “Bad argument provided” errors are usually about Mocha not receiving image information from the host, so any information you can provide about the footage and the layer you have applied Mocha to.