Mocha pro buggy remove

hey guys,
We just updated our mocha pro, and we have a project which requires cleanup trough setting up Photoshop clean plate.
The first couple of markers(used for tracking) work fine to be removed, but once we are getting to a more than three number per scene …the removals already completed begin to randomly unprocess frames that were cleaned, and you clean one, another track does the same thing.
We have a maxed out core 12 mac, and we gave mocha plenty of memory from settings.
Also working with 5-7 trackers today made mocha to crash about six times in 5 hours.
IT`s pretty frustrating to think that you made a remove,and half an hour latter to go back and make it again and then again :)).

That’s not how it is supposed to work. If you email me I can send you FTP info and take a look at the shot.