Mocha Pro Camera Solve FBX into Unreal Engine?

Hey Mocha team,

I’m looking for advice/tutorials on getting Mocha’s camera solve (99%) FBX into Unreal Engine. Our test shot was a live action handheld clean plate with a little bit of drift to the left. However the FBX showed no left or right movement when brought into UE5 or Blender.

Can you confirm that a Mocha to UE workflow is possible as well please?

Hi there,

This is a workflow we have not pioneered on our end yet. However, Mocha DOES export FBX data. That being said… We export from our Camera Solver, and there are limitations to how that works.

The Camera Solver in Mocha is great for solving for one plane of Data in 3D space but not great for real word accuracy for a fully realized 3D scene. The scale will be different from a true camera tracker, just by virtue of how many data points we use to solve for the camera.

However, you can find more about the camera solver here, including how to export FBX data: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022 User Guide

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


Thank you Mary,

Excited to see how it is developed in the future. In the meantime, I’ll check the user guide and make use of what I can