Mocha Pro Camera Solve to After Effects issue!

Hey, this is my first post. I am currently running the trial of mocha pro and trying out the camera solving. On a test shot I’m getting 83% solve quality.

Copy after effects camera data and paste into after affects using the plugin provided that gives the proper paste mocha camera option.

Everything seems to show up, except the world isn’t oriented right. I didn’t see any nulls visible in the camera view even though the layers are there. So I went into top view and zoomed out to see ALL of the nulls are behind the camera, not infront.

I don’t understand enough about how these things line up, so I tried changing mocha camera orientation, flipping x/y/z to 180 to see if it would put hte nulls back in front. It does but now the nulls aren’t glued to the scene, so obviously that’s not the way to fix it.

Is there a step in mocha pro that lets you orient where the camera is pointing in relation to the tracks/null points?

Thank you!

If I can figure this out I’ll definitely be purchasing the software!

Hey there,

This sounds like the solution has scaled too far. Was it a large or small parallax scene?
It might require another point of reference or a different solve type. Are you able to send us the project to take a quick look?

You can send it to me directly at martinb[at] or send it via our support forms: Boris FX | Open a Case

Ah I tried tracking it another way and had the nulls show up properly!

I was tracking too much depth i think. I tried tracking a few smaller pieces and go it to show up right.

Just learning the in’s and out’s!