Mocha Pro: Cannot figure out how to get extra clips to show up in modules

I am using the standalone version of Mocha Pro 2021, using the tracking data in Nuke.

I have a plate where I’ve tracked some shaky ground using Mesh tracking.

Then in the Stabilise module, I can use the Mesh Mapping and Mesh Warp option to stabilise that ground. Great. Very promising.

We can’t export the actual mesh warp for use in Nuke, just the warped shape.

So I have rendered a default STMap with the same dimensions and frames. And I was expecting to be able to Import that clip, then assign it into the Stabilize module, and then render it out with the warp stabilise applied for use in Nuke.

I seem to be able to import the clip in the clip module. Either using the Import button in the General section, or adding it to the existing clip as another footage stream.

But from there, that new clip does not appear in ANY of the other modules. It simply isn’t available in Stabilise, or Track or anywhere with a Clip dropdown.

The documentation doesn’t seem to indicate any specific complexities. It says that any imported clip will be available in the other modules.

This is very confusing and frustrating.

I do note that the documentation for the Stabilize module skates totally over the fact that there is an Input Clip dropdown, and a Clip to Stabilize dropdown. The documentation only refers to one clip option.

Any insight would be gratefully received.

Hi Norman,
When you import the STMap clip into Mocha, there is an option to “Inherit attributes” from another clip. Select the clip that you tracked as the clip to Inherit Attributes from.
The STMap clip will then be available as a “Clip to Stabilize” in the Stabilize module.

Thank you. That does make that clip appear and selectable…

Is there any reading in the docs about WHY this is the case? It seems unnecessarily obscure and fraught with problems.

Maybe I missed some core explanation about how clips and layers and so on all work together.

Hmmm… A fear another problem has come up when I try to export

In the Stabilise module I chose the original clip as the Input Clip, and the STMap as the Clip to Stabilize. Then I ran the File > Export Rendered Clip… option.

I entered a path.

And let it render.

But the frames are black.

I’m totally happy to be pointed at a place in the manual, or a chapter or accurate search terms to find this information in the manual. In my brisk searching, I haven’t found a solution.

I made another attempt, this time setting the STmap as the Input Clip, and the Clip to Stabilize.

It was looking promising based on render time and file size.

But when I looked at the frames, they are a messed up version of one of the original clip frames. Messed up as in looking like they are interlaced with 4 copies of the frame…

I will not be able to post images sadly because of confidentiality.

I don’t know if this is related, but…

I’m in the Stabilise module
I go to the Output tab
Next to Output Clip, I click New.
And nothing happens.

I go to another module, like Remove, and click on Output tab > Output Clip > New and I get a dialog to create a new clip. I copied the attributes and the content from the main clip.

I could then use that new clip in the Stabilise module to select for output.

On rendering, it just renders the original plate out. Not the STMap. And not even stabilised.

You need to render first before exporting.

Mmmm, thank you.

I had to figure out what you meant by Render first. Those controls only appear with certain modules, like Stabilise.

Wow, this is incredibly counter-intuitive and hard to work out whats going to happen. Not your fault of course. But nothing like other applications where you do your work, and export / render the frames.

Yes with much tweaking and fixing color problems, I have now been able to export the STMap frames.

Thanks for the clues.

BorisFX, this whole paradigm of clips and how they work with layers is very non-intuitive. Largely because the interface makes it confusing and hard to know whats going on. One example is that you can change the clip you’re viewing in the viewer in about 3 different places. And you might change the clip, but the viewer doesn’t update. Or does update a little later for some reason.

But the main problem is that your documentation seems severely lacking in explaining this paradigm. How Clips work needs explanation. Because you’re using Clips in the sense of a container, NOT a clip of frames. I mean, Clips can contain frames, they appear to also be able to be empty, or contain mattes, or splines or tracks. Or Rendered frames.

I could also find no information about needing to Render some modules into clips FIRST, before exporting the clip.

Now, I may have missed these sections, but I have spent quite a lot of time searching the documentation and reading the various chapters that seem relevant.

Thank you for the feedback, we are having a discussion on how to implement these suggestions and address these pain points, as we agree.