Mocha Pro cant do faking 3d geometry tracking. [Element 3D]

Hı, I have a very basic problem. My english is not good, so ı will try to explain with sending photo.

This is a video that ı wanna edit:

then I solve camera, and tracking my hand. (Mocha pro does this very good.)

I do this by watching your tutorial video (Which is 3D Camera Solve with Element 3D & After Effects - Part 1 - YouTube)

But my final result is being this:

İn conclusion, you should make a new tutorial which is faking 3d camera tracking etc. I have done many method (like changing x, y, z, rotation) but these did not help me. There is a also strange problem, when my hand is being big, this object is being small. Which does not make sense.

Thank you.

Hi there,

This problem is because you actually don’t have enough information to solve the camera with, you need two different static (unmoving or still) planes in order to get a camera solve first and then you can track the hand and export that data. Since you don’t have two planes visible here, you don’t have enough information to create a solved scene. That’s why your results don’t look right.

You might get better results with MochaBlend, a 3rd party product. Boris FX | MochaBlend for C4D


Hi, a program that you suggest is very good, you can solve with one track. This is actually supposed to be, in mocha pro, (in my video) I have no chooice that ı can track second time (to solve) because there is green area… Why this is not enough to solve camera with one track? does mocha blend do it for 3ds max ? Because I know 3ds max, it would be great if mochablend solve for 3ds max… Thank you for your fast reply

The camera solver needs two non-coplanar planes in order to get a camera solve for a moving camera. If your camera was locked off, or panning, tilting, and zooming, we could solve it with one plane. It’s a limitation of how the algorithm works.

MochaBlend is a really clever cheat for 2D data converting it to 3D. It might work for you.