Mocha Pro Clip Frame Rate

I have a 60fps project. I loaded in a 60 fps clip incorrectly as 23.976. Is there a way to change the clip to the correct 60fps rate? Does it matter? Roto’ing in Mocha Pro 4, using result in AE.

In Mocha Pro 4 I believe you will have to make a new project with the correct frame rate.

I’m able to change the project frame rate to 60fps. If I create a new project I can load the clip at the correct frame rate but how can I load the already created masks?

You can’t merge projects with different settings, if you work in the wrong frame rate you can lose that work. You can check project settings in the old project (file>project settings) and see if you can adjust the frame rate to match, but I think we only added that option in Mocha Pro 5. Or you can download a trial of the newest version of Mocha Pro and you can try to adjust the settings that way, but the project won’t work in V4 again.

Project FPS is indeed changeable but can I load another clips which is the same just that I defined the clip at the correct frame-rate, and keep the masks already defined.

If you did the work in V4 on the old frame rate, it might not populate at the same frame rate, and can’t be merged.