Mocha Pro crashed - Recovery file?

I’m using the Mocha Pro plugin for After Effects and it crashed the plugin and AE after a very long track. Is there any sort of recovery project file that gets created when this happens?

We are working on a solution for that. You should update to mocha Pro 5.2.1 to address several bug fixes anyway. Download 5.2.1 here:

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help you.


Hi Mary! Any solution to this yet? Does Mocha Pro have an auto-save feature where you can find a recovery file if AE crashes?

Yes. Reopen Mocha the first time in the project after a crash and it should ask you if you want to recover a file. But it only does it once. If you say no, it deletes the recovery file. Please let me know if that works for you.

A workaround is to set a keyboard function to export the project (or simply export from the file menu) to save your work as a .mocha file. The next time you start AE, you can open an empty Mocha session, choose “merge project” and select the .mocha file. I think this has been fixed in the new upgrade, but until I’m able to update, this works.

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I made a Boris account just to write my angry comment. I’ve been using Mocha for years and years. But now with this plugin integrated into AE, I just lost a ton of roto work I did. I am soooo mad. Right when I was finished, I saved my work inside mocha. Then I closed the mocha window and right as I do, after effects promptly crashed. Apparently, Mocha doesn’t allow ae to autosave while it’s open. And apparently mocha when you click save, doesn’t actually save anything, it is actually saving to the AE project file. Since AE crashed, it is gone. When I re-open AE, there is nothing. There is no prompt from mocha to open my work. There is no file inside the mocha temp autosave folder. Nothing. For goodness sakes, make it save a permanent file outside somewhere when you click save on Mocha.
And after reading your help stuff, what the heck are you thinking to delete an autosave file, ever? DO NOT save the mocha data inside after effects.


I’m sure this has happened to thousands of people. This is an emergency update you need to do.

Anger noted. I understand your frustration and we’ve taken steps to improve this.

We are creating an iterative backup system for the next major point release in the 2019 cycle.

In earlier plugin versions, autosaves were created to help problems in the Mocha work environment and didn’t take into account the host crashing separate to the Mocha environment before work could be saved. The autosave file does save externally but has been clearing when back in the host. This is clearly flawed so we’re changing it.

But we will continue to save the existing work inside the host project file, otherwise, you need to keep track of two separate files which will also be frustrating.

The new method will never clear the autosave when exiting the Mocha GUI, along with saving cyclic copies of autosave backups.

Sorry for your frustration. Until it is updated, if you are working on a complex Mocha project, I would also advise periodically saving the Mocha project by going to File>Export Project to save the Mocha data independent of AE.

This would also allow you to open that project inside Mocha Pro standalone application or in other hosts that have Mocha Pro installed.