Mocha Pro crashing Avid Media Composer

Please help:
My name is Burkhard and I’m working on a 4K documentary on the Media Composer 2018.9.0. For about two weeks, Mocha Pro has been functioning fine. Since I’ve purchased a license a few days ago, it keeps crashing the Media Composer. Not always, but most of - and right now all - the time.
That’s a severe problem for me, 'cause I have to finish the project by monday.
I’ve already disabled offscreen buffers and set the amount of texture RAM up to 3072.
I’d be very thankful for any advice. Thanks in advance.

What operating system version number are you working with?

Can you please try turning GPU tracking off in your Mocha Preferences, I usually find that’s what causes these crashes when suddenly upgrading. The GPU tracker is on by default and not every GPU is supported.


Thanks for your replys. I found to have severe problems with my AMA linked material, since the computer had crashed two days before and I had to relink everything. Some of that apparently confused the Media Composer and caused multiple crashes. After I found a workaround and then transcoded the material, Mocha Pro is working fine again.

Best regards