Mocha Pro crashing when closing window after WarpTracking (AE 2021)

I have several times tracked a head with Powermesh (Warp). It takes a long time and I press save.
When I close the project window nothing happens anymore, I see only the blue ball rotating for half an hour until I have to force quit.
Took me now 2 hours just tracking and then loosing everything each time.

Thanks for help.

It’s 4k 16bit footage, 700 frames.
WIndows 10

Hi, I Export Project now before leaving Mocha just in case, i know this is no help to the crashing but i think it is a problem with Mocha going back to the host, at least this way it’s saved to a file,

Do you have Multiframe rendering in AE turned off? If not, that might be the issue.

Hello, I’m in AE 2021, there is no Multiframe rendering feature afaik.
It’s very unstable in current 2021, don’t know why… (and my new computer is extremely powerful)

Have you tried turning off GPU processing in Mocha Pro preferences and restarting AE?