Mocha Pro crashing when tracking

As soon as I hit track forward AE crashes with this message

" A copy of your project was saved at: /Users/leeg/Documents/After Effects Crash_7.aep.
Last log message was: <123145532428288> <5> BlitOp(blithw, overlay=on) when:3075628914943 cnt:16, dropping: 3
Generating crash log, which may take a few minutes."

I tried restarting/new project same error everything! please help

Hi there,

Probably your GPU is incompatible or you are running into a GPU error. Please go to Mocha preferences, under the GPU tab turn off GPU tracking, save, close, and then restart your Mocha if using the standalone or the host if using the plugin and try again.

Let me know if that fixes your issue!


No that did not work, I tried all 3 options…

  • turning off Open GL
  • changing to automatic
  • changing to my dedicated GPI

I dont understand how my GPU can suddenly now become incompatible? I have been using mocha for over a year…

You see the X by “Use GPU Processing”? That should be unchecked. Then save, close, and restart AE. Try that and let me know?

Can you send us your imagineer.log from ~/Library/Logs/imagineer.log please.

Are you using any beta versions of After Effects at the moment?

@maryp I have already tried that method but I have tried again and screen shotted for reference

@martinb I have attached an image of the latest AE I am using followed by the full imagineer.log

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 10.17.37 (17.2 KB)

Thank you for the fast replies!

Any idea @maryp @martinb ?

Is this a floating or nodelocked license? I am seeing a license error in your log but I can’t think as to how that would be crashing the software.

Not sure on what Floating/Nodelocked is.

This has been purchased through my company just for myself, no other person would be using it. Do you need any information regarding that to help fix this error ?

I am not sure, let me confer with @martinb when he’s on later today, he’s on Australia time so it will be a few hours.

Can you send me the crash log that appears when AE crashes, please. This will help determine where the crash is.

I also notice you’re on v6.1.1 which may have some compatibility issues with Catalina, but if you’ve not made any changes since last time it worked, let’s check the crash log first. (56.4 KB)

@martinbAE crzh log attached!

@martinb @maryp

Any update on this ?

@martinb @maryp

hi I know this might be difficult to help, but I am unsure what to do as I have paid for this plugin, tried re installing update AE, sent my crash docs in! not sure what else to do.

Waiting to hear back from the team on this one, sorry for the delay, but we are working on it. Thanks for your patience.

No problem, thank you for the update

Hi @leeg sorry for the delay.

First off, can you try updating to v6.1.3? You are on v6.1.1 which is an earlier version of v6. Your license should support v6.1.3.

Secondly, can you tell me if you have a current 2020 license, or only the 2019 license?

Main Question To Ask: Specs.

What is your cpu , gpu , ram ,hdd or ssd.
If your using onboard vga than good luck.
If you’re using gpu get the latest updates again and uninstall the currently driver in most case this works.

Try running mocha stand alone than mocha AE if you have it.
try to clear after effects cache files and try reset mocha to default or reinstall it and clear windows temp files.

Try to delete all temp files and run after effects and then mocha.
Try to run mocha stand-alone see if it works.

Create folder in desktop.
Move all files from script ui just temporary and start ae and see.
And any custom plugins you may have moved them and test it.

it sounds more like after effects side than mocha.
Before mocha starts after effects chocks. Something is lagging it out.

your ram ?