Mocha pro drift tracking

I cant seem to create a megaplate with this footage. I think this is the best footage for Borisfx crew to provide details tutorial on how to create megaplate. I did try many technique but somewhere betwen frame 250 to 350. The megaplate track move and drift out suddely. Please look at this footage link.


This shot looks relatively simple. Can you please share a screen recording of the issue you facing?
Meantime, Martin recently just did a great tutorial on creating Megaplates, you may have a look. Do not pay attention that everything is shown inside Nuke - the process of creating Megapates is the same for every host.

Thanks already did that. But Here a link to my screen.

I will be much grateful if you made a tutorials based on the above footage link i provided. As I tried almost 2 weeks trying to replace a sky using megaplate in Mocha than I had done in 2 minutes inside Adobe AE 3d tracker.

Thank you for sharing the screen, I see where the problem is.

Mocha’s planar tracking algorithm looks for patterns of pixels moving relative to one another over time. You drew your shape around the sky, because you wanted to replace it, but there’s no details, features, or even clouds there - it is just a solid blue color. This is simply not the right area to track, because there’s no enough features.

If you wanted to do sky replacement, what you could do instead - draw a few shapes around the trees and the ground, track all layers with perspective, and then solve your 3D camera using the Camera Solve module in the Mocha Pro.

For shots with a smaller pan angle, you could just track the tips of the trees, that also would work.

Thanks, by the way I did include the tree at first try and it would slip still drift at somewhere between 250 to 350 frame. I also tried multiple spline search on the ground, one time with and without perspective. I did not succeed. I will try again today as you mentioned above.

I tried like what you said, but the megaplate won’t match still, like shaking if I mask the water surface and match the new sky.

Can you show me your shape layers again please? Did you tried Camera Solve in Mocha Pro?

No camera solve, I am a basic beginner, just started experimenting with mocha.
Link of Clip shape, my 40th tracking experiment.

We have a great course called “Mocha Essentials” which is perfect for starting out. This will help you to understand the concepts of planar tracking, and get a core understanding of Mocha.
You can find it here

Thanks I watched that, but the footage I am trying to track is very hard to get 100 percent data. Please, If you could try Tracking it yourself and create a set extension tutorial if possible. Up till now, not planning to full upgrade to mocha pro version if I cannot create set extension on this footage.

Hi @crackjack165 Possibly you are over-thinking this track. You can accomplish the track in Mocha AE or Mocha Pro. Since the motion is very linear, I think you can get away with a smaller shape and just track position, scale, rotation. If using AE then you would export this to a Null object and assuming you want to do some sort of sky replacement, link your painted set extension to the tracked null. Here is a quick screen recording and the track looks pretty solid without additional settings or AdjustTrack.