Mocha Pro exported output has color shift from same footage in Premiere Pro CC

I used Mocha Pro’s Remove module on a portion of a video clip (2704 x 1524 MP4 from a GoPro camera) and exported the result as a MOV with no compression and maximum color depth. I then imported this segment back into Premiere Pro CC to replace the portion of the original footage. There is a slight but very noticeable color shift from the original clip to the Mocha Pro exported segment. The shift is immediate from the first frame of the Mocha output, almost as though some color correction has been applied.

I confirmed no color correction is in place in the Premiere Pro sequence. I also tried having Mocha simply export an uncompressed TIF, then importing the TIF into Premiere, but had the same exact result - a slight color shift on the imported frame relative to the surrounding clip in Premiere.

Any thoughts on what is causing this and how to remedy it?

Hi Chris,

I am able to repeat this, I think something may be happening with the transition from one colorspace to another, I need to confer with my colleague, Martin Brennand, our product manager and get back to you on this.



Hi Mary,

Glad to hear you were able to reproduce the problem (only because it means it will be easier for you guys to fix).

As a second test, I opened an MP4 in Mocha as before, then created two layers (one foreground and one background) and did a one-frame track/render on it using the Remove module, then had Mocha export the MOV with no compression. Same result (as expected) - a slight color shift vs. the original clip.

I then took the exported MOV file and opened it in a new Mocha project as though it were the original clip. I then created the two layers and did a one-frame track/render on it, then exported a new MOV. Interestingly, when imported into Premiere Pro, the “re-exported” Mocha MOV matched the first Mocha MOV. Both of the Mocha-exported MOV clips had the visible color shift, but the error did not compound - once the shift had occurred, Mocha didn’t shift it any further.

So the processing sequence was:

test.mp4 → Mocha Pro project → export → new Mocha Pro project → export

Color was consistent between and, however both were shifted from test.mp4.