Mocha Pro failing to render

Hi, Since i renewed my Mocha Pro 2021 Windows OFX Plugin license i cannot render out either cleanplates or removals. Everything goes fine with the removals, but when i try to render out of mocha it tells me… Failed to save image:./Clean Plate Input0.tif no error…, another message says failed to render frame 0,i am doing everything i did before so i really dont know what what the problem is, I have the latest update and same with Quicktime.I have made a video of everything i have done, if you need to see it, what is the best way for you to view the file size is…119.5 m

Let me loop @Martinb in on this as it may be a bug.

Thanks Mary, on full lockdown here need something to keep busy

Hi there,

  1. Which host are you using?
  2. What is the bit-depth of the host project?

Hi Martin the host is hitfilm pro 2021 and 16 bit but I think it renders out at 8 bit

If you give me an Email addressI will send you the address project. When I render 1 frame all ok, but when I try to render the rest just for a second you see frame 0 and the logo I just removed flashes on the screen weird

Hi Mary, this is the project i am trying to render.i got a message from Martin and i told him when i render the first frame all is fine,but when i try to render the rest of the project just foe a second it flashes something about 0frame not rendering and shows the logo i just got rid of. Ihope this helps you understand what is going on…Rick

Made a mistake Martin,the version of Hitfilm Pro is Hitfilm Pro 16, was confused with Mocha Pro 2021…

I’ve requested the file you sent.
If you can ping the hitfilm project file to my DM I can also take a look.

My apologies Martin i had an Email from Mary so i just sent the file to her, which was my mistake. i dont know a lot about Google Drive i never use it and believed you both could see the file.

Hi Martin, i have been thinking back .When i renewed my subscription i could not get it to work the download would not accept my key. The tech department there sent me an Email for which i did not need to enter a code. When downloaded the the programme was a Prelease which changed when i had to reinstall. I was just wondering if the fault is something to do with that, maybe left some files that are conflicting i dont know just a thought…Rick

You can reply to forums posts as emails, but they still post to the forum. Just an FYI as to why that seemed like an email. You’re still posting to the forums. And so is this message as well.

Thanks for the info Mary your never too old to learn.I have sent the file to Martin think it might be something to do with the upgrade.

Hi there,

I’ve reviewed your video.

Two things i’ll clear up:

  1. If you’re exporting an image sequence, don’t use “QuickTime Movie”. The file extension you had in the window was a TIF file. This has probably been put in there by default, but a TIF extension is not going to save as a clip. If you do want to export a QuickTime movie, save the file as a MOV file extension. Keep in mind you will only be able to export as a ProRes file in QuickTime at this stage.
  2. Is there a reason you’re exporting from the Mocha GUI as opposed to just rendering it inside Hitfilm? Since you’re using clean plates exclusively it should render quite fast in the HF timeline.

Hi Martin thanks for the answer, but there is still a problem.From what I have been told you cannot render Mocha Pro files in Hitfilm Pro. I have used Mocha Pro for years with no problem using QuickTime, now suddenly all change it is .tiff so I can’t use QuickTime anymore. I believe there may have been a problem when I upgraded, 1st was told to use my old product key to activate, it told me that key was for another programme, then I was told there was a bit of a bug, all I could get was an unlicensed not for commercial use Mocha, then I was sent an Email with some programme which took me to the download page and here we are. Why is QuickTime not the same as all the other version I had?. Even when I try image sequence I get an error message.I asked for a new activation key, but no reply yet, that might solve this whole shambles.really getting tired of all this payed my money and getting nowhere.

The license bug you are referring to was a problem with v8.0.0 that was addressed in v8.0.1.

I think this is probably best cleared up by doing a remote TeamViewer session so we can finalize what is going on.
Can you email me directly and we can set this up: martinb [at]

Hi Martin just 1 more point,I get frame 0 or whatever when using the remove tool

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